[BiturboS4] Has Audi Recognized the Oil Line Problem in Pre-2001.5 S4s As A Warranty Issue??

Darin Nederhoff editor at s-cars.org
Wed Sep 25 22:06:30 EDT 2002

Adam Schwartz wrote:

> I did ask my dealer about this. They (lied to me) told me that most
> cars dont have a problem,

Hmmm... that isn't exactly a lie.  MOST cars out there don't have a
problem.  Just for what it is worth, the majority of the cars that I
have heard about with blown turbos usually involved a chipped K03 car
with an aggressive driver, a stock car with a "new to turbos" owner, or
dino oil in a hard driven car.   Yes, there are a few failures that have
no rhyme or reason as well.  Still, the vast majority have not
experience failures.

> and that I would get the upgrade only if I
> have a problem. Now I am out of warranty. So I dont know what would
> happen. I didnt really push it to much. My car has 56k miles on it
> and the only thing to go wrong was a MAF.

Well, Audi has been known to do some good will repairs outside of the
warranty period but don't hold your breath.  ;-)   I did succeed in
getting Audi to cover a couple bad trannies outside of warranty on the
original S-Cars, so I suppose anything is possible.

If you want the turbos to last, use synth oil, always let the car warm
up before playing Andretti, and always let it cool down before shutting
it off and walking away.  Go with K04's if you plan on running a hot
setup... those little K03's can't last forever.  ;-)


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