[BiturboS4] Rumor(s) Behind The New S4

Matt twentyV matt_20v at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 26 08:52:14 EDT 2002

--- jysap at cs.com wrote:
> Matt,
> I think u missed a crtitcal point in your response
> to my statement. The point is QUANTITY. The 2.7TT
> was a mass produced car, and when it the NA shores,
> it did decrease the value of other Audi cars that
> seemed to be stable until the 2.7TT came along. From
> what I heard, Audi NA does NOT plan to sell V8TTs
> (RS6 sedans/avants) in significant numbers. In fact,
> there will be significantly less RS6s hitting NA
> shores than 2.7TT S4s.

My bad, I meant the V8 S4 coming in a couple years.
I tend to forget about the RS6 for a couple reasons-
totally out of my price range, and Audis stupid
decision not to equip it with a manual transmission.

So yes, in hindsight my reply did miss the mark a
little bit.  I think your point was that the 2.7TT
would hold value as long as there is no new
S4 available.  That I agree with.  I think values will
hold pretty flat, but will drop once the new V8 S4
arrives.  I also agree with you in that an NA V8 is
much less interesting than the 2.7TT, but I suspect
the masses (which think an NA M3 is the benchmark
car) will soak them up.  Looks like the 00S4 will
stay in my fleet for quite some time.
Matt Rooke

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