[BiturboS4] Rumor(s) Behind The New S4

Matt twentyV matt_20v at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 26 09:03:27 EDT 2002

> > Why would I pay a premium (over the MSRP of a 2.7T
> S4) of $8-$10k for a NEW
> > S4?

Same reasons I spent $40k on a new S4 instead of
$20k on a used urS4.  New car warranty, better
reliability, lighter weight/ better handling,
perception that newer technology would
yield a better driving experience.  Plus it was
mid-bubble in late '99/ early '00, and I could ;-)

In hindsight, most of these have panned out, although
the reliability thing seems to be worse instead of
better (early urS4's had transmission problems but the
turbo and engine were solid even when modified).
Matt Rooke

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