[BiturboS4] Rumor(s) Behind The New S4

Chip Goetzinger chip at auguricorp.com
Thu Sep 26 10:42:43 EDT 2002

One point you anti-V8 folks seem to keep making is that the 2.7TT is a
superior engine to the V8 because you can add more boost, upgrade turbos
etc.  I would like to posit the opposing viewpoint which is this:  a V8 IS
in many ways a superior performance engine to a V6TT.  Why?  First, if you
are really into performance and do things like open-tracking (particularly
in warm environments), a N/A vehicle is far more reliable and consistent
than a TT vehicle.  Turbos run quite hot, and this heat must be dissipated
to keep the car performing well.  N/A V8s don't "heat soak" the way turbo
cars do.  V8s don't require the careful care that turbos do in terms of
cooldown after a run.  V8s don't blow turbos.  Simply, given the same power
output, a 4.2L engine is just far less stressed than a 2.7L engine, and the
components will live longer.

In power terms, sure, you can chip a V6TT and get some quick boost gain -
but at that point you've merely caught up with the V8 (and probably have
better TQ).  However, a V8 has no turbo lag, no non-linear throttle response
to upset you in a corner, and no off-boost soft spots, nor does it slow down
as the day progresses due to heat-soaked intercoolers. V8s can be modified
too, and then what does the V6TT owner do?  More boost?  Bigger turbos?
Should you be one of those folks who wants LOTS of performance (like a K04
type in the turbo world), you can ADD forced induction to a V8 (for roughly
the same price as a turbo upgrade on the V6TT).  Ask me how I know. ;o)  At
this point, you will have a forced V8 competing with a forced V6, and the
advantage is clear.  Simply put, you can add boost to anything, but it's
much harder to add displacement and impossible to add cylinders.

So - my point is that when talking V8 vs V6TT performance, I know we all
love our 2.7TTs, but that doesn't mean there aren't advantages to a V8.
Stock vs. stock, the V8 wins.  As you add mod dollars, the V6TT is initially
more attractive, since you can gain boost quickly with a chip etc.
(remember, though, that much of that quick gain is simply catching up to the
V8s stock performance), but once you get to the limit of the stock turbos
(which is not very far past the stock V8 performance), the advantage quickly
goes back to the V8, and the V8 has the higher ultimate power capability
simply due to size (see RS6).

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