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California Fields cfields72 at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 26 10:48:58 EDT 2002

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A while back I posted about a rough idle I was having in my 2001 S4. Along
with it was a kind of "bump" in the drivetrain when I engaged first gear fr=
a stop (at the time, I thought it was a separate problem - with the clutch =
something - but now I think it's part of the engine misfire).  I took it to
one Audi dealer and they said it was "normal". I didn't believe them and so=
took it to another dealer and they diagnosed it as an engine misfire.  They
said there was carbon buildup around the valves and in the engine. They did
some kind of a flush to clean it out and the car ran fine for a day or two =
then the problem came  back.  I took it  back to the dealer and they diagno=
it again as a misfire and did a more extensive cleaning.  Again, the problem
was fixed for a day or two and then it came back.

I bought a VAG-COM tool and took a look at the error codes yesterday. Sure
enough, "multiple cylinder misfires" came up.

Any idea on what's going on and how I can fix it?  I'm tired of taking it to
the dealership when it appears they don't know exactly how to fix it. I live
in CA and I wonder if it's the crappy 91 octane gas with MTBE.

Thanks, Carter.
Carter Fields - San Francisco
'01 santorin blue
stock (not for long!)

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