[BiturboS4] The New S4 = flatus

Ian McCloghrie ian at codrus.com
Thu Sep 26 12:11:46 EDT 2002

On Sep 26, 2002 "Walter J Green Jr" wrote:
> the new S4 looks like ass. the front is wimpy looking compared to ours
> (where they made a decent effort to set our body apart from the regular A4
> body style).

Styling is 100% subjective.

I also doubt you'll find many non-ethusiasts who can tell the
difference between an biturbo S4 and an A4 of the same year.  That's
part of the reason why I like my S4, it's subtle.

> sure a V8 is nice. did you really site "better nav" as an incentive? are you
> kidding? what panty-lick uses "better nav" as a measuring stick for a new
> car purchase?

Go look at the average S4 buyer.  Not the average S4 mailing list
subscriber, but the average *buyer*.  He's just an average Joe who
knows nothing about cars except that the one he bought goes fast when
he steps on the pedal.  Why do you think they sell so many tiptronic

> jysap called it EXACTLY right. this is my 1st turbo, so i ain't a turbo
> snob. I used to own a heavily modded GTI VR6. That being said, I would never
> choose the new car over this one. never. not even in an even trade, and I
> mean that.

That's nice.  I'd trade mine, if I could go over even.  100 more hp and
an extra 30K of warranty coverage?  Absolutely.

Remember this.  99% of car owners *NEVER MODIFY THEIR CAR*.  They
couldn't care less about the aftermarket tuning potential of turbos vs
naturally aspirated.  They'll see 250hp in the old S4, 350hp in the new
one.  Not hard to make that choice, is it?

'01 Nogaro Blue S4 (bone stock)
'99 Mazda Miata FM2 Turbo

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