[BiturboS4] Rumor(s) Behind The New S4

Reznik Stan SReznik at ameriking.com
Thu Sep 26 15:30:47 EDT 2002

Yes, you're correct Vortech does make a sc'ed s2000. They manage to
deliver a whopping 8psi of boost with that motor. Hardly very impressive
in my book -- yielding a quarter mile time of 13.8.... Here's a good
write-up on it from road and track

Adding to what chip said about upgrading -- I still think that even
though stage3 on the current s4 is a major upgrade -- achieving similar
performance on the new s4 will be much harder. Not to mention more
difficult from an engineering standpoint. With stage3 on our s4 you
change the turbos, the fuel system, the intercoolers and the exhaust.
(and you do all this with practically 100% OEM RS4 parts). The new s4
owners wishing to get to this level of performance will have to do all
of the above (adding a supercharger instead of swapping turbos) as well
as do internal engine work...which has a tendency to break things if not
done right. I for one cringe at even letting someone pull the motor from
my car and replace the turbos... To trust someone to take it apart and
put it back together -- the mechanic would have to be my twin brother or
something :)

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> > You're correct, that does create a problem in forced induction -
> not
> > an insurmountable one.  The Chevy LS6 (Vette Z06 engine), for
> has
> > 10.5:1 compression, and Lingenfelter offers a number of S/C and
> > packages for the engine starting at ~$5k (the lower-powered ones -
> ~490hp -
> Indeed, there's at least one supercharger kit (Vortech) out there for
> the S2000 as well, and it runs, what, 11.5:1?
> --Ian
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