[BiturboS4] Rumor(s) Behind The New S4

Chip Goetzinger chip at auguricorp.com
Thu Sep 26 14:11:20 EDT 2002

Did you read the article?  There was a gain of 118 hp with the 8#s - and
since boost gives you power gains in percentages, not absolute numbers, a
similar setup on an S4 would gain an expected 170hp (50%) for a total of
over 500hp - sounds pretty healthy to me.  The 13.8 time was due to
inability to launch - the important part is the 6mph gain in the quarter,
which is quite healthy.  The S4 would have no such launch issues.  This is
all with stock internals (using the S2000 setup as a parallel).

I, personally, don't understand why you find internal engine work more
worrisome than a turbo upgrade.   Yes, you need to get it right or cause
major damage, but the same goes for bigger turbos - a boost leak, inadequate
fuel, kinked oiling or other problems will net you expensive fried turbos or
a blown engine.  If anything, internal engine rebuilds are better understood
by most mechanics than turbo tuning.

'96 Mustang Cobra Convertible - 435 RWHP (Laser Red, Saddle, Saddle - shhh,
it's sleeping)
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