[BiturboS4] RE: The New S4 = flatus

jysap at cs.com jysap at cs.com
Thu Sep 26 20:12:19 EDT 2002


"Walter J Green Jr" <vr6pilot at hotmail.com> wrote:

>>It's only the enthusiast turbo snob who doesn't believe the new S4 is
>>better than the old one.  Audi doesn't care about enthusiasts, they're
>>a tiny percentage of the market.  They're more trouble than they're
>>worth with warranty claims on chipped turbos.
>>The average american buyer will see the magic phrase "V8" and snap it
>yer oughta yer mind man. seriously.
>the new S4 looks like ass. the front is wimpy looking compared to ours
>(where they made a decent effort to set our body apart from the regular A4
>body style).
>sure a V8 is nice. did you really site "better nav" as an incentive? are you
>kidding? what panty-lick uses "better nav" as a measuring stick for a new
>car purchase?
>jysap called it EXACTLY right. this is my 1st turbo, so i ain't a turbo
>snob. I used to own a heavily modded GTI VR6. That being said, I would never
>choose the new car over this one. never. not even in an even trade, and I
>mean that.
>don't look now, but I knocked you off your pony, you're in a pile of mud,
>and you can't charge the windmill with Sancho today.
>'01 S4
>THIS is the S4
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