[BiturboS4] Rumor(s) Behind The New S4

Derek Cheuk dcheuk1 at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 27 04:52:35 EDT 2002

>Pound for Pound, a modified 951 can deliver as much (or more)HP/Torque as a
>911 (or Boxster), at SIGNIFICANTLY less cost (to upgrade). Granted these
>cars are NOT fetching 911 prices, but these cars are NOT 911s. The American
>public's perception of a Porsche is a 911. That is the DIRECT result of
>MARKETING by Porsche. Thus, 911s (and Boxsters)are PERCEIVED as better, and
>can command higher (new and used car)prices.

Hey, I resemble that profile.  I just picked up a 97 993 cab last weekend.
My buddy who went with me to the porsche dealership to pick up my car was
interested in a boxster and so we test drove a boxster S.  Great car, nicely
refined and very easy to throw around.  I was driving more aggressively in
the boxster after 15 min than the 911 that I had test drove for 2 days.  So,
indeed I am a victim of a lifetime of marketing.  I've wanted a 911 since I
was twelve.  As I told my buddy, too bad I love 911s because the boxster s
is a great value.

But I still love my S4 as my daily driver.


2001 S4 Black 6-speed
1997 993 Red Cab 6-speed

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