[BiturboS4] Rumor(s) Behind The New S4

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Fri Sep 27 05:54:12 EDT 2002


Steven Lin <steven at juniper.net> wrote:

>What Philip meant by taking apart the ECU was to take the plastic
>cover off of the box enclosing the ECU.  Stamped right on the top
>you'll see the part number along with the ECU revision (e.g. A, H, M,
>The ECU revision is also retrievable through a VAG tool connected
>to the OBD port.
>jysap  writes:
>> hmm....i just looked on the driver's side door and the build date
>> (11/99) was stamped there. I cannot see the ECU giving any more or
>> different info, but who knows.......  Quite frankly, I am surprised
>> that my EARLY S4 has not given me the problems of some other
>> owners. I guess I have a (built on) "Tuesday car."
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