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Philip Pace pjpace at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 27 10:47:52 EDT 2002

You apparently have never used nav, or live such a boring repetitive life that
you don't need it. At least once a week I go to a place I've never been and I
need it. Used it TWICE just last night. I use it all the time to estimate when
I'll be somewhere that I go to all the time (my girlfriend's for example)
-places I seldom actually think about ETAs for but go to often. Use it when
traffic gets bad: push the detour button and it finds a different route, and
almost always one that's clearer.

One time I was sitting, stuck in traffic going to a train station I hadn't ever
been to but since I missed my usual train, I knew I could catch a different
line (though I had never been there; I used nav to tell me where it was).
Traffic had been flowing fine but suddenly STOPPED. I pulled way left in the
lane and saw it backed up for about half a mile (as far as I could see). I
clicked detour on the nav, hit 0.5 miles. Five seconds later, it took me down
another street that ran parallel to the one I was on. Saved me EASILY 20
minutes, and made the difference between catching the backup train, or having
to drive into the city and assuredly being late. Why didn't any of the other
people on the road know about the shortcut? Dunno, but there was NO ONE on that
side road. You'd think someone would try it sometime. Nav knew about it and
took me there.

Or when the expressway is backed up, I'll just enter my home address (saved in
memory, so it takes one second to access) to get a general idea of where I'm
going. Then I'll head down the side streets and let nav make its suggestions.

Or the fact that going from my house to my parents is a pretty easy route:
west, south, west, then south. All fast roads or highways. WRONG. Nav said go
east, hit a different expressway then go west later on to meet up near the end.
I went the way I knew, but looked at a map later on. You couldn't tell unless
you were really studying it, but it is a bit faster the nav way. I tell all the
people from my office who take the same route daily, and they say, "no, then
you have to backtrack." After trying the two different routes and timing it and
mileaging it, they are wrong. They still don't beleive me, as human nature just
doesn't like backtracking. Okay, if maybe it was five minutes a faster, that's
ten minutes a day, and a over 40 hours a year of less traffic. You make $60,000
a year, and that's $1200 of your time saved; the price of nav.

Having nav is like running all your routes through www.mapsonus.com. It gets
you there, and more often than you would expect, it finds a quicker route (not
necessarily easier, but that's why it talks you through the trip).

I will never buy a car without it, and am considering upgrading to the

--- Walter J Green Jr <vr6pilot at hotmail.com> wrote:
> >HEY! My primary criteria was a nav system. I found the cars that had one of
> >those and that was my evoked set. And I don't take offence to being called
> >panty-lick.
> >
> nav is a joke. no real man even looks at nav.
> <pffft!>

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