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Kevyn (and other Biturbo listers) ,

try doin' a Google search sometime and you will find that THERE IS a Euro NAV System that CAN be installed in your existing NA 2.7TT S4. Thus, those who have stated that the Euro Nav system is a siginificant differentiator between the 2.7TT S4 and the NEW 8 cyl S4 can stand CORRECTED! Here is the link.


It goes FURTHER to support my argument that UPGRADES on an existing S42.7TT mean less out of pocket $$$$ than purchasing a NEW S4!

Some have also mentioned that having a NEW CAR warranty is another differentiator in favor of the NEW S4. GIVE ME A BREAK!

Are you willing to spend approximately $7-$10k more in MSRP (over the exisitng 2.7T MSRP)plus finance charges (most people finance their cars) to get a NEW CAR WARRANTY! PuLLLLLLEASE!

Like I said be4, u have to be a candidate for a lobotomy to financially justify the purchase (or trade in) of the NEW S4 over the existing 2.7T S4. I have already made my arguements regarding performance between the two. In my opinion, Audi has given existing S4 owners NO SIGNIFICANT REASON to trade up! But hey, it's your $$$$$$$$$$.

just my $.02


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"Kevyn Shortell" <kevyn at mac.com> wrote:

>No but real men would definitely like the Euro Nav system, so we can watch the
>ball game in the car, while we're munching down a chilidog and a coke!!!
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>> ROTFLMAO !!!!!!!
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>> >>HEY! My primary criteria was a nav system. I found the cars that had one of
>> >>those and that was my evoked set. And I don't take offence to being called
>> >>panty-lick.
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>> >nav is a joke. no real man even looks at nav.
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>> ><pffft!>
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