[BiturboS4] The New S4 = flatus

Philip Pace pjpace at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 27 13:59:37 EDT 2002

The U.S. one is just a little red box on the instrument cluster (no pictures,
just red color). You control it from knobs and buttons next to the e-brake.
Euro has an actual color screen. Sucks really, but waaaaaaaaaaaay better than
P.S. U.S. folk can install the Euro one for about $1600. Lot's of work, but
saves you $900 vs. avalon. Sorry Zev (not like he hasn't significantly over
charged me more than once).

--- David <goodson at menta.net> wrote:
> I don't know what's the difference between euro-nav and US-nav. I wasn't
> looking for a nav when I bought my second-hand S4 (although I often use a
> Garmin handheld GPS for biking and hiking) but the car had one. It's the one
> with big screen (with TV) on the middle of the dashboard (and a second small
> screen shared with the car's computer). Well, since then, I'm a bit pissed
> off thinking that I will really miss it if my next car doesn't have it. Like
> all those gadgets which suddenly become essentials in your life when you
> discover them. Nav-systems are not essential, neither cellular phones or
> Satellite TV... until you try them.
> David. S4 Avant Abt - Barcelona - Spain.
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> You apparently have never used nav, or live such a boring repetitive life
> that
> you don't need it. At least once a week I go to a place I've never been and
> I
> need it. Used it TWICE just last night. I use it all the time to estimate
> when
> I'll be somewhere that I go to all the time (my girlfriend's for example)
> -places I seldom actually think about ETAs for but go to often. Use it when
> traffic gets bad: push the detour button and it finds a different route, and
> almost always one that's clearer.
> One time I was sitting, stuck in traffic going to a train station I hadn't
> ever
> been to but since I missed my usual train, I knew I could catch a different
> line (though I had never been there; I used nav to tell me where it was).
> Traffic had been flowing fine but suddenly STOPPED. I pulled way left in the
> lane and saw it backed up for about half a mile (as far as I could see). I
> clicked detour on the nav, hit 0.5 miles. Five seconds later, it took me
> down
> another street that ran parallel to the one I was on. Saved me EASILY 20
> minutes, and made the difference between catching the backup train, or
> having
> to drive into the city and assuredly being late. Why didn't any of the other
> people on the road know about the shortcut? Dunno, but there was NO ONE on
> that
> side road. You'd think someone would try it sometime. Nav knew about it and
> took me there.
> Or when the expressway is backed up, I'll just enter my home address (saved
> in
> memory, so it takes one second to access) to get a general idea of where I'm
> going. Then I'll head down the side streets and let nav make its
> suggestions.
> Or the fact that going from my house to my parents is a pretty easy route:
> west, south, west, then south. All fast roads or highways. WRONG. Nav said
> go
> east, hit a different expressway then go west later on to meet up near the
> end.
> I went the way I knew, but looked at a map later on. You couldn't tell
> unless
> you were really studying it, but it is a bit faster the nav way. I tell all
> the
> people from my office who take the same route daily, and they say, "no, then
> you have to backtrack." After trying the two different routes and timing it
> and
> mileaging it, they are wrong. They still don't beleive me, as human nature
> just
> doesn't like backtracking. Okay, if maybe it was five minutes a faster,
> that's
> ten minutes a day, and a over 40 hours a year of less traffic. You make
> $60,000
> a year, and that's $1200 of your time saved; the price of nav.
> Having nav is like running all your routes through www.mapsonus.com. It gets
> you there, and more often than you would expect, it finds a quicker route
> (not
> necessarily easier, but that's why it talks you through the trip).
> I will never buy a car without it, and am considering upgrading to the
> Euro-Nav.
> --- Walter J Green Jr <vr6pilot at hotmail.com> wrote:
> > >HEY! My primary criteria was a nav system. I found the cars that had one
> of
> > >those and that was my evoked set. And I don't take offence to being
> called
> > >panty-lick.
> > >
> >
> > nav is a joke. no real man even looks at nav.
> >
> > <pffft!>

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