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Robin St.Clair uberseehandel at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 27 16:34:05 EDT 2002

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I have the full navigation system. I would never be without it. ALL my frie=
nds who have experienced it are converts. Here in Europe it even picks up d=
ynamic routing data to route around traffic jams.

Recently I spent time in Detroit with a GM honcho - "show me your nav", I a=
sked - the short story was an automatic connection to a call centre and a h=
uman handing out driving instructions. I said this was pathetic and was tol=
d that anything else "too complicated for American customers". I was speech=

The big map is an order of magnitude better than just the DIS display. In c=
ities in particular it helps with confusing junctions and lets you plan lan=
e changes ahead of time. It is not a distraction from one's driving, its an=

I always get combined map/travel guide CDs. These have all those useful tel=
ephone numbers and you just select the hotel you have booked into as your d=
estination, really handy for the frequent traveller.

The full Navigation Plus System has an excellent Television - NTSC/PAL/SECA=
M, so US usable. TV is not a waste of time, two of my more memorable in car=
 watching experiences, seeing my compatriots winning a gold medal at the Sy=
dney Olympics and the unfolding drama of 11 September last year.

One of the reasons I am able to maintain very high averages on long trips i=
s because the nav system points me at the gas stations I want and I never w=
aste time looking for the address when I arrive at my destination city.

I accept that "Real Men" don't use navigation systems, but I don't wear a b=
olo tie so I am excused!


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