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Philip Pace pjpace at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 30 09:05:32 EDT 2002

It's not for everyone and you bring up a good point. I've heard lots of bad
stories about those near fringe areas. The worste one is NY, NJ, and PA being
on three different discs. You would think that they would include some
overlapping areas or simply use a DVD. Until then Ron has a valid issue and I
don't blame him. Luckily I'm dead center of a disc (Chicago).


--- R Sherowsky <sherowsky at adelphia.net> wrote:
> I am afraid I must disagreee on the usefulness of the Audi system.  It is
> only good if you live in a populated area that is mapped and if your travel
> does not involve crossing CD zones.  I got the system in my allroad and
> unfortunately, I live within 30 miles of A CD zone split.  Also I live in a
> rural area and now of the local small town roads are on the system.  If I
> try to leave from home, I get a prompt that my location cannot be
> determined.  I have to leave my home town, go to the nearest highway and
> pull off the road to program the system before it will let me procede.  Also
> much of my travel crosses the CD zones which is a real pain.  I was so
> disgusted with the system in the allroad that when I bought the S4, I
> indicated that I specifically wanted a car without the Navigation system and
> would not pay for the system if the only car they could find had it.
> Ron

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