[BiturboS4] The New S4 = flatus

Walter J Green Jr vr6pilot at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 30 12:58:32 EDT 2002

>Let's see - it has absolutely nothing to do with what your opinion is; it
>to do with the fact that you 'teased me' about my initials. That began and
>ended in the fourth grade for me - which is a measure of the level of
>of your comment (actually nine-year-olds, Ian). Yes, Walter, my initials
>are a
>homonym for urine. Is that really funny? Ok, maybe a little - I appreciate
>good peepee or ca-ca joke as much as the next nine year old (e.g. you).
>you're somewhat obtuse, I'll add that the last sentence was said with

i certainly can't go on; the two of you have crushed me! <sniff!>

How will I ever go on!?!?

BTW, Walter is a German name, meaning honor and strength. But, my friends
call me Wally or Walt.

Not sure what you should call me. Hmmm. How about "master"? or maybe "divine

Tee hee!  ;)

'01 S4

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