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California Fields cfields72 at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 2 14:47:38 EST 2003

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I took my car down to ATP (www.atpturbo.com[1]) in Fremont, CA for a dyno run
last night. The guys were nice and it was a fun time recording my car.

So, I did two runs with my GIAC-X chip and then two runs with the stock chip.
We let the car cool down for about 5 minutes in between runs (had the fans
going too). Air temps were about 68 degrees.  Altitude about sea level.
Gasoline was the crappy 91 octane from the pump. I only took two runs of each
due to my tight  budget :)  Anyway, results were about 260hp/316lbs measured
at the wheels for the GIAC runs.  Does this sound about right?  Stock was
about 204hp/242lbs torque.  See my signature for mods. I have the raw data and
also dynograph for anyone that is interested (I didn't want to upload a graph
to the group - is that allowed?).

How do I get crank hp?  I was reading AudiWorld and it doesn't seem like there
is a set number.  Is 18-20% commonly accepted for our cars?  The dyno was a
DynoJet 248C (with 4WD option).

Lastly, anyone know where I can get software to view the raw data? It would be
nice to take a look.
Carter Fields, San Francisco
2001.5, GIAC-X, Miltek 3" cat-back, Strat. shifter, Strat. DVs, A-pillar boost

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