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Hey California,

That data sounds about right given what I've read
about the difference in stated HP (by mfgs) and "at
the wheels" HP as demonstrated on dynos.

I also troll the Porsche Boards (i also own a 951
porsche (944 turbo))and those guys expect a 15-20%
difference btw overlall HP and "at the wheels" HP.

You appear to be somewhere around 16%-17%. If GIAC
claims a top HP of 310 - then - 15% of that is 46.50
HP. Subtract 46 HP from 310 HP (GIAC claim) and the
result is 264 HP "at the wheels." So, 260 HP is
definitely in that neighborhood (statistically).

Just my $.02 from reading so many threads on this
topic on both boards (Porsche & Audi).

00 Imola Tip (starting to mod)
86 951 (chipped, K&N, dual port wastegate,Greddy
electric boost controller, soon to be cat-less w/ GHL
muffler - 4" tip)

--- California Fields <cfields72 at hotmail.com> wrote:
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> I took my car down to ATP (www.atpturbo.com[1]) in
> Fremont, CA for a dyno run
> last night. The guys were nice and it was a fun time
> recording my car.
> So, I did two runs with my GIAC-X chip and then two
> runs with the stock chip.
> We let the car cool down for about 5 minutes in
> between runs (had the fans
> going too). Air temps were about 68 degrees.
> Altitude about sea level.
> Gasoline was the crappy 91 octane from the pump. I
> only took two runs of each
> due to my tight  budget :)  Anyway, results were
> about 260hp/316lbs measured
> at the wheels for the GIAC runs.  Does this sound
> about right?  Stock was
> about 204hp/242lbs torque.  See my signature for
> mods. I have the raw data and
> also dynograph for anyone that is interested (I
> didn't want to upload a graph
> to the group - is that allowed?).
> How do I get crank hp?  I was reading AudiWorld and
> it doesn't seem like there
> is a set number.  Is 18-20% commonly accepted for
> our cars?  The dyno was a
> DynoJet 248C (with 4WD option).
> Lastly, anyone know where I can get software to view
> the raw data? It would be
> nice to take a look.
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> gauge
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>   2. http://g.msn.com/8HMDENUS/2731
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