[BiturboS4] Blown Turbo(s)????

j y jimnetpa at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 5 21:46:38 EST 2003

To The List,

I think I just became a victim to the other (beside
the TBB - had that problem @ 10k mi) infamous S4
gremlin - da BLOWN Turbo !!!!!

I was moving down I-95 at a high rate of speed (85-90
mph) against a BMW 330.

All of the sudden I hear this high pitched
whistling/siren sound coming from the engine bay. It
sounded like the right (passenger) side was the

Anyway, I slowed down and noticed (from that moment
on) whenever I pressed down on the accelerator - the
sound would appear. The higher the RPMs - the louder
the sound.

I was quite surprised because my S4 is NOT chipped and
the only mod is a pair of stratmosphere BOVs installed
about 7k mi ago. The car has 52.9k mi (yes, JUST out
of warranty!!!). Only other engine related change -
new air filter. Luckily, I picked up an aftermkt
warranty because of the horror stories that I've been
reading here and on Audi World about S4s with turbo
and other quality problems.

I have no VAG-COM (was about to order one this week -
ironic). So, is my "seat of the pants" analysis
correct - da dreaded BLOWN Turbo(s)!

If so, what could cause a BLOWN TURBO on a NON-CHIPPED
car ????  BTW - I was very close to chipping the S4
before tonight (AWE is about 10 mi from my home)

My Porsche has over 125k mi on the original stock
(1986) turbo and still pulls strong (it's chipped with
a dual port wastegate and electronic boost
controller)!!! I can't rip that thing out !!!

I CANNOT believe that S4 turbos are that SHITTY that
they would crash at 52k mi on a non chipped S4 (early
model - 11/99 build date).

Replies greatly appreciated.

00 S4 Imola Tip(11/99 build date)

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