[BiturboS4] RE: KO3 S4 blown turbo?

Erik J. Engstrom engstrom at rawbw.com
Sun Apr 6 14:30:47 EDT 2003


Consider yourself lucky with a non-chipped car to have made it to 52K miles
before this happened, everything has failed on my car between 7k and 41k and
parts are still dropping off while the g*dd*mn car is parked at the dealer.
I would insist that Audi cover the repairs under the initial warranty, if
your extended doesn't cover all of the work. The replacement KO3 turbo's are
much better than the originals placed in the car. Mine were replaced about
350 miles ago under warranty at a manufacturer warranty cost of about
$10,000. I have some nice pictures of my entire car taken apart and since my
S4 has been in the shop about 60 business days now, I'm considering taking a
position at the dealership just to be closer to my baby.

After splitting four sets of bypass valves, I am also very used to the sound
you are describing. There is also a disconcerting lack of boost when these
cheap parts rupture. I've also been told that my turbo's were failed - hence
the check engine light. But I never saw the actual report, dealer just
replaced them.

Good luck,


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