[BiturboS4] Blown Turbo(s)????

j y jimnetpa at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 6 23:21:37 EDT 2003


You might be on to something.

I checked the engine compartment today (sunday) in
natural light (sunlight) and noticed that one of the
clamps on my air (intake)box had fallen off.

I found the clamp (one of the 2 clamps on the backside
of the box near the engine)in the engine compartment
near the box.

I also took the liberty to pull out my dirty (stock)
air filter. I will buy a new air filter and take the
S4 to AWE and have them install - see if that makes
the difference.

I just purchased a SAMCO TBB - so I will have my stock
TBB replaced at the same time. I will post an update
within a week.

Thanks to all who reponded.


--- Ti Kan <ti at amb.org> wrote:
> Don't jump to conclusion about the fault yet... it
> may just be a bad air leak
> in the intake somewhere.  Definitely check for codes
> with VAG-COM, and have
> a reputable shop check things out.
> -Ti
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> 2001 S4 biturbo 6-sp
> 1984 5000S turbo
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