[BiturboS4] woo hoo! big statue goes down!

Walter J Green Jr vr6pilot at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 10 15:22:47 EDT 2003

>Give it a break !!!!!
>(Near) Total destruction of a (any) country in the
>name of freedom.
>I wonder if Americans could stomach (near) total
>destruction of the USA in the name of FREEDOM - we're
>crying about 3,000 killed in 2 over sized NYC bldgs
>This baby Bush's revenge war - plain & simple !!
>No BLOOD for OIL - even if the gas for my S4 goes up
>to $2 per gallon!
>Give this FREEDOM thing it a break !!!!!
>Too many American GIs have died for George Bush Jr's


That response was *uncommonly* stupid.

Read. Learn. Study history.

Then get back to me, mmm-kay??


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