[BiturboS4] RS6 update

Marc A. Abernethy mabernethy at lotteryusa.com
Thu Apr 10 23:23:44 EDT 2003

Thought I would give a quick update on the RS6.  I had been debating for
a little while that maybe the RS6 is just too expensive for an everyday

Well, my wife just found out the price of the two Krell mono block power
amps I bought. When she starts talk to me again, I think she is going to
suggest that I withdraw the deposit.  I looked into selling my spot but
the Audi dealership said "no".  They already have a long waiting list of

So, I think I will have to look for something else.  The thought was fun
while it lasted.

'01 S4 6spd  ... at least for a while

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