[BiturboS4] Blown Turbos (Non-Chipped S4) - Update

Ian McCloghrie ian at codrus.com
Thu Apr 10 17:34:06 EDT 2003

On Apr 10, 2003 j y wrote:
> So, that being said - in my opinion - it's is
> unreasonable for a manufacturer to try and weasle out
> of a claim when the machine is just 2k mi over the
> warranty expiration - that is just TOO close - like

What "weaseling"?  They promised you warranty coverage until 3 years/50K
miles, whichever came first (or 4 years if you have an '01).  If there
are 50,001 miles on the car, well, that's more than 50K, they are under
no obligation whatsoever to cover repairs to your car.  This isn't a case
of denying a warranty based upon some unrelated trivial modification,
it's open and shut.  Anything Audi covers for you comes out of the
"good customer relations" budget.

As for the lemon law -- there are very specific guidlines for which the
lemon law can be invoked.  These guidelines vary from state to state,
but as far as I know, a single expensive failure outside of the warranty
period generally isn't one of them.


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