[BiturboS4] RE: and Loss of an S4

Walter J Green Jr vr6pilot at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 11 13:28:41 EDT 2003

>If you're going to show off your unwelcome opinions about politics, could
>you at LEAST CLIP YOUR REPLIES? It's bad enough having to read really "off
>topic" posts once on this thread, much less six times in one digest.
>By the way - Audi USA indicated their intent to buy back my S4. I'm waiting
>on the initial offer, but I expect it to be a very paltry show of
>">still love my car. I'm worried about finding a suitable replacement with
>enough warranty/stable repair history that I'll be comfortable and
>with it.

note to Erik:

Check Wheaties for urine.

Carry on.

01 S4 Imola Glory

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