[BiturboS4] Blown Turbos (Non-Chipped S4) - Update

Michael Kuriger michael at isuzu-mods.com
Fri Apr 11 11:23:29 EDT 2003

>Turbo timers have a whole bunch of nasty other ramifications.  To start
>with, lots of consumers don't like the idea of walking away from a car
>with the engine running.  For another, there's huge liability concerns.
>What if someone leaves it in gear and it jumps forward doing damage?
how can the turbo timer have any affect on someone leaving the car in
gear?  If some idiot leaves his car in gear the car will jump as soon as
the fool tries to let off the clutch before he / she gets out of the
car.  that's a dumb arguement.

>What if someone leaves it running on the turbo timer when filling at
>the gas station and causes a fire/explosion?
this is possible, however all my (3) turbo cars have a kill button on
the timer for situations like this.  it's the operator's job to shut off
his engine when filling up.

> What if someone parks it
>in their garage with the turbo timer running and dies of CO poisoning?
this is a valid concern I guess...  although I've never heard of it

>Unlikely as these may be, they're nasty cans of liability worms that
>Audi doesn't want to open.
it's not too much liability for other manufacturers.  :-/  Hmmm....

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