[BiturboS4] Blown Turbos (Non-Chipped S4) - Update

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Fri Apr 11 11:45:51 EDT 2003

Yeah, but with the after-run keeping coolant flowing through the turbo
and radiator fan blowing, the turbo's internal temperature should be
kept in check, eliminating the likelyhood of oil coking... (that is,
if we could get the after-run to actually activate after each shut-off
by having more reasonable thermoswitch kick-in temps).

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Michael Kuriger writes:
> that is just the water pump kicking on but that does not help much since
> it does not pump oil through the turbo.  it's the oil sitting in a hot
> turbo that gets coked up.
> Mike
> Marc A. Abernethy wrote:
> >It was my understanding from e-mails on this list that the S4 has a
> >turbo timer.  It was just that I had never heard it come on.  I thought
> >someone mentioned that you really had to drive it hard for it to come
> >on.

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