[BiturboS4] eye opener.......

kwk at eaest.com kwk at eaest.com
Fri Apr 11 17:42:03 EDT 2003

     I'm a newcomer to this site and have been reading the posts regarding
the blown turbo's with a mixture of surprise, disappointment and dread.  I
have a '01 S4 which is the fifth and nicest of the audi's I've owned over
the years.  The previous was a '89 200 and I never had a whit of trouble
with the turbo. I'm an agressive driver but I don't race and I treat the
car well.  I hope that I have some measure of insulation from the worries
expressed because I bought the S4 as an Audi Assured used vehicle (14K)
with a 100K mile warranty.   I'm at 45K and have had no problems of
significance yet.

     I would like to know if members of this site think I'm correct in my
assessment of "no worries" and further, some advice on oil type/ weight/
brand and frequency of oil change as well as any other maintenance issues
to implement to avoid problems..........

     This car is sweet........I have trouble thinking it could be anything


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