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Sat Apr 12 02:05:36 EDT 2003

I have a OEM factory turbo timer on my 951 Porsche and
none of what u stated below applies or is remotely
true. The turbo timer keeps fluids ciiculating thru
the turbo AFTER the engine is OFF !!!

In fact, the the timer regulates the duration of the
cool down based on how hard I've run the car. I can
HEAR the fan an fluids circulating after I turn OFF
the ignition key on my Porsche.

I don't where u got that stuff (about turbo timers)
that you are are spewing as fact! As far as Porsche is
concerned, your statements are DEAD WRONG!

Taking the shared history of Audi/Porsche technology -
It would be safe to assume that an Audi turbo timer
would operate the same way. Several listers have made
mention of a 'cool down' fan as being part of the S4
engine platform.

--- Ian McCloghrie <ian at codrus.com> wrote:
> On Apr 10, 2003 Michael Kuriger wrote:
> > shutting down the motor.  if they had installed a
> factory turbo timer
> > device, then these turbos would probably las a lot
> longer.  it's hard to
> > pump oil through a turbo with burned oil in the
> lines and center
> > housing.  I was going to put a turbo timer in
> mine, but it looked like a
> > wiring nightmare and heard it throws codes when
> things like the climate
> > controil try to operate with no power to the fans.
> Turbo timers have a whole bunch of nasty other
> ramifications.  To start
> with, lots of consumers don't like the idea of
> walking away from a car
> with the engine running.  For another, there's huge
> liability concerns.
> What if someone leaves it in gear and it jumps
> forward doing damage?
> What if someone leaves it running on the turbo timer
> when filling at
> the gas station and causes a fire/explosion?  What
> if someone parks it
> in their garage with the turbo timer running and
> dies of CO poisoning?
> Unlikely as these may be, they're nasty cans of
> liability worms that
> Audi doesn't want to open.
> --Ian
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