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hockey aaron at oldtimehockey.org
Fri Apr 11 22:15:45 EDT 2003

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It would seem, Ken, that Audi did manage to identify the problem between the
introductory and '01 model years by adding a bigger oil line (I gather).
Seems to me that a majority of the turbo failures are on '00 models.  I,
like you, have an 01 with 52k miles on it... and the only failure I've had
was some sensor somewhere... I don't even know which.  Other than that, the
car had the clutch replaced with the first owner at like 6k miles... I won't
even speculate why, but I have no problems now.  There is a questionnaire
somewhere that someone put together that queried all the things you asked
about at the end of your letter, and then some.  Someone want to chime in
about that web-based questionnaire and it's location?  The results were
interesting but seemed to favor '00 cars with a history of diverter valve
failures.  Anyway, hope someone out there has that site, it was very
enlightening.  Excuse me while I go find the biggest piece of wood I can and
knock the hell out of it.
Aaron LaPointe
'01 Nogaro Blue S4, boldly out of warranty
'04 BMW R1150GS (only cause audi doesn't make bikes)
'87 4kcsq (why not, still runs great at 235k miles)

> I would like to know if members of this site think I'm correct in my
> assessment of "no worries" and further, some advice on oil type/ weight/
> brand and frequency of oil change as well as any other maintenance issues
> to implement to avoid problems..........
>      This car is sweet........I have trouble thinking it could be anything
> but..........
>                                          .....Ken

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