[BiturboS4] Re: Turbo Issues (Audi S4 vs Porsche 951)

Ian McCloghrie ian at codrus.com
Sat Apr 12 02:40:09 EDT 2003

On Apr 12, 2003 j y wrote:
> I suspect the dealer will try and use this as their
> out. I'll see what happens. DVs don't increase boost -

They don't need an "out".  If you're outside of the warranty period,
they're legally entitled to tell you to pay for the whole thing yourself.
If they're offering half, they're giving you a gift.

> Remember I chipped a mid 1980s engine with mid 1980s
> technology. I had a latest generation (Audi) turbo
> engine blow up at 52k mi - all Audi recommended
> maintenance was followed - something is wrong with
> this picture.

You got lucky on the Porsche, you got unlucky on the Audi.


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