[BiturboS4] Blown Turbos (Non-Chipped S4) - Update

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Ian, the guy's car was having signs of failure BEFORE 50k miles...so Audi
should warranty it if they're any good at business/customer service. Anything
less and they're, in effect, "weasling out of it."  To have a strict deadline
on something that is gradual doesn't make sense to me.
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>On Apr 10, 2003 j y wrote:
> > So, that being said - in my opinion - it's is
> > unreasonable for a manufacturer to try and weasle out
> > of a claim when the machine is just 2k mi over the
> > warranty expiration - that is just TOO close - like
>What "weaseling"? They promised you warranty coverage until 3 years/50K
>miles, whichever came first (or 4 years if you have an '01). If there
>are 50,001 miles on the car, well, that's more than 50K, they are under
>no obligation whatsoever to cover repairs to your car. This isn't a case
>of denying a warranty based upon some unrelated trivial modification,
>it's open and shut. Anything Audi covers for you comes out of the
>"good customer relations" budget.
>As for the lemon law -- there are very specific guidlines for which the
>lemon law can be invoked. These guidelines vary from state to state,
>but as far as I know, a single expensive failure outside of the warranty
>period generally isn't one of them.
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