[BiturboS4] Re: Turbo Issues (Audi S4 vs Porsche 951)

john sonty erhti at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 15 15:46:47 EDT 2003

I disagree, respectfully..

Audi SHOULD be offering him something in this case (e.g, couple
of thousand miles out of warranty). I'd agree with you if the
car was 'well' out of warranty mileage limit--fact is, legally
or othewise, it ain't.. Besides, "legally", jy didn't have to
buy an Audi to begin with, did he? :)  But since he did, damn
straight Audi should be offering him something..

JMO, but 'reasonable flexibility' makes for good, long-term
business/client relationships.. Again, personally, I think half
is fair.. but that's just me..

"Crying"? "spoiled child"?  Dude, what's the problem?

--- Ian McCloghrie <ian at codrus.com> wrote:
> On Apr 15, 2003 john sonty wrote:
> > So let's get off this kick as if AOA is some altruistic
> entity
> > out to do us Audi owners favors when we're 1-2k miles out of
> > warranty, 'k, my friend.. '-)
> I'm not really interested in arguing semantics here.  The term
> "gift"
> is a colloqialism, intended to suggest that the original
> poster should
> be glad they offered him anything.  Ranting and raving about
> how this
> is unacceptable and he'll never buy an Audi again just makes
> him look
> like a spoiled child.
> --Ian

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