[BiturboS4] Blown Turbo Implellers - Update - Dealing With AoA

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Thu Apr 17 18:57:06 EDT 2003

To The List,

Well, I hate to say admit it...but Walter (aka Uncle
Wally) and Ian were correct (damn...I hate admitting

As it stands, my best deal from AoA is 50/50, unless I
want to bring on the legal eagles.

At the end of the day, I decided that it would take to
much effort on my part to fight AoA because I had a
pretty similiar experience with MERCRUISER recently.

I just had to purchase a new BOAT ENGINE at $5k
because of the SHITTY exhaust manifolds that
MERCRUISER installed on it's (1999-2001) 4.3L V6

Similar story to Audi - they are on the THIRD
generation of exhaust mainfolds because water can
backflow into the engine causing hydra-lock and
fucking up the internals.

Of course, MERCRUISER keeps this secret to themselves
until you are out of warranty, and getting marine
aftermkt warranties is not as easy as getting aftermkt
car warranties.

So, this defect silently destroys your engine until
you turn the key one day and BAM! - it won't kick over
- cause SEA or FRESH WATER does not ignite!

Mercruiser warranties the manifolds for 2 yrs. Yes -
one could claim that this is a manufacturer's defect -
like the S4 turbos - but Mercruiser will stall you to
death if u do not have an aftermkt warranty - and most
marine aftermkt warranty companies are aware of the
problem with the 4.3L V6 exhaust manifolds and find a
way to exclude coverage - if they can.

Also - if u don't get the aftermkt warranty before the
manufacturer's (MERCRUISER)warranty expires - like me
-you are SOL - like me !!!!! That's a quirk in the
marine industry.

So, that being said - I asked "the Audi dealer (this
is the place where I purchased the car) for written
confrmation of his offer of 50% co-payment on my turbo
repair."  Well, did he got a SERIOUS attitude (over
the phone) and told me "to contact AoA."

I immediately contacted AoA, and I communicated my
experience with the damaged impellers on my S4, and
the dealer's offer of a 50% co-payment on the repair.

They took down the information and gave me a claim
number. They also contacted the dealer while I was on
the line with them.

When the customer service rep returned to the line,
they said "that AoA was willing to stand behind the
dealer's offer of 50% for the repair, and that the
claim number was my proof of that."

AoA would NOT give me WRITTEN confirmation (only
verbally over the phone) of this agreement either, but
said "that I, or my LAWYER, could use this claim
number as reference, if this agreement was breached by
the dealer.

Quite frankly, the Service Mgr's attitude rubbed me
the wrong way. He stated "that he would not give me
written confirmation because he did not want such a
document ending up on the Internet."

I said that I would not authorize work to be done
based on a verbal agreement that could he easily
re-interpret once the car was completed (50% now
becomes 35% or 25%). In effect, I did NOT want to be

He felt that my requesting a written confirmation of
Audi's 50/50 co-pay arrangement "would be like pulling
down his pants and ramming it up his ***."

I said, "well how the HELL do u think I feel if I let
you disassemble and re-assemble my S4 based on VERBAL
agreement with no witnesses other than HIS employees.
You don't think that I feel like I'm getting SHAFTED
here too!."

I received a preliminary estimate of $5400 to "fix"
the car, of which $2700 would be on me.

I then mentioned that I would contact my aftermkt
warranty company about the $2700 balance. He then
says, "if u file a claim with your aftermkt warranty
company, the 50/50 deal with AoA is off!"

He then offered to contact the aftermkt warranty
company to see if they would cover the full claim.

Well, knowing that companies operate in the own best
self interest - I don't expect the aftermkt warranty
guys to come running to my rescue (hmmmm...i can see
them now..wow..we just receive a $250 premium payment
from him, and now he has a $5k+ claim,...hell...we're
good guys..let's pay it...NOT!).

So, my situation is probably more like (the line from
a fairly well known pop song)....."me and AoA are in
this thing together."


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