Fwd: [BiturboS4] BLOWN Turbos - Can I Assume That Audi Is Providing Me With Updated S4 Turbos ?

adamschwartz at rcn.com adamschwartz at rcn.com
Fri Apr 18 20:19:09 EDT 2003

I dont have the answer to the question, but How about another
question. Why not blow off Audi all together and get after
market turbos put in. I know Audi is going to split it 50/50
with you, but you are still tossing $2700 at them.... AWE has
a kit that is only $2k more than what you are going to
spend... (easy for me to say.. not my money!)  And it gives
you k04's and larger injectors. Hell, you could probably get
part of that kit, skip the injectors... and have better
turbos that woiuld last forever as they are designed for more

If it were me, I would want to have the car better than
before if I was spending all that cash... I guess you do too,
which is why you want to be sure to at least be getting the
updated part...

Just a thought...


>Hey Folks,
>Spoke to my friendly (NOT) Audi Service Mgr today and
>he gave me the serial nbrs for the turbos that plan on
>installing in my S4.
>I asked him "if they were the updated S4 turbos found
>on the 2001 and 2002 MYs?" I remember reading on Audi
>World that the oil inlets are larger on turbos for
>those MYs.
>Well, he plays DUMB (then again - maybe he wasn't
>playing) and says "I dunno here are the serial nbrs."
>So, my question is - given these serial nbrs can I
>walk into another Audi Service Dept and verify whether
>these are the updated turbos - I would think so. Also,
>since I now have a claim nbr - I will contact AoA and
>have them confirm whether these are the updated turbos
>and if not, inquire as to why not.
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