[BiturboS4] BLOWN Turbos - Can I Assume That Audi Is Providing Me With Updated S4 Turbos ?

Bruce Mendel brucem105 at comcast.net
Fri Apr 18 20:38:40 EDT 2003

Audi won't pay for anything other than their authorized dealer putting in
their parts.
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> I dont have the answer to the question, but How about another
> question. Why not blow off Audi all together and get after
> market turbos put in. I know Audi is going to split it 50/50
> with you, but you are still tossing $2700 at them.... AWE has
> a kit that is only $2k more than what you are going to
> spend... (easy for me to say.. not my money!)  And it gives
> you k04's and larger injectors. Hell, you could probably get
> part of that kit, skip the injectors... and have better
> turbos that woiuld last forever as they are designed for more
> boost.
> If it were me, I would want to have the car better than
> before if I was spending all that cash... I guess you do too,
> which is why you want to be sure to at least be getting the
> updated part...
> Just a thought...
> Adam
> >Hey Folks,
> >
> >Spoke to my friendly (NOT) Audi Service Mgr today and
> >he gave me the serial nbrs for the turbos that plan on
> >installing in my S4.
> >
> >I asked him "if they were the updated S4 turbos found
> >on the 2001 and 2002 MYs?" I remember reading on Audi
> >World that the oil inlets are larger on turbos for
> >those MYs.
> >
> >Well, he plays DUMB (then again - maybe he wasn't
> >playing) and says "I dunno here are the serial nbrs."
> >
> >So, my question is - given these serial nbrs can I
> >walk into another Audi Service Dept and verify whether
> >these are the updated turbos - I would think so. Also,
> >since I now have a claim nbr - I will contact AoA and
> >have them confirm whether these are the updated turbos
> >and if not, inquire as to why not.
> >
> >jy
> >
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