[BiturboS4] BLOWN Turbos - Can I Assume That Audi Is Providing Me With Updated S4 Turbos ?

Bruce Mendel brucem105 at comcast.net
Fri Apr 18 22:48:44 EDT 2003

Oh, I gotcha. Sorry.

It's cool idea if you have to spend the money anyhow, but most likely he'll:

1. Need other stuff to make it work (ECU sw, fuel rail. etc) and wind up
spending WAY more

2. No warranty on K04s....whereas Audi will give him warranty of some sort
on the new turbos they put in, even if the rest of the car is out of

You can buy a pair of used K03's on ebay or the boards for around $600 for
both, then plus labor at good independent shop, that's probably
$1200......way less than what Audi is quoting even after the 50% discount
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> I understand that, which is why I said "Why not blow off Audi
> all together" That isnt my point. No matter what, he is going
> to spend $2700 to have the car fixed, as that is his 50% of
> the work to be done... If it were me, I would put that money
> some place else and then spend the extra to get an upgrade. I
> know, its still a lot of money.. and the extra is also a lot
> extra...
> Question: There was some talk about an extended warranty? Why
> wont the extended warranty cover the whole thing? And which
> warranty is in question?
> -Adam
> >
> >Audi won't pay for anything other than their authorized
> dealer putting in
> >their parts.
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> Audi Is Providing
> >Me With Updated S4 Turbos ?
> >
> >
> >> I dont have the answer to the question, but How about
> another
> >> question. Why not blow off Audi all together and get after
> >> market turbos put in. I know Audi is going to split it
> 50/50
> >> with you, but you are still tossing $2700 at them.... AWE
> has
> >> a kit..... BLAH BLAH BLAH...
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