[BiturboS4] BLOWN Turbos - Can I Assume That Audi Is Providing Me With Updated S4 Turbos ?

adamschwartz at rcn.com adamschwartz at rcn.com
Fri Apr 18 23:26:03 EDT 2003

No problem.. I dont think I said my piece too well. Dont
think I was too clear.

But you know.. the price I saw of $4700ish on AWE's site was
complete.. Actually it may not have included install, but
definitely included software etc..

What gets me about this whole thing is: Its nice that Audi is
going to pay half. Very cool.. But $2700!!! Thats half? Thats
what it should cost. Exactly.. go to a good independant shop
and I bet you might even get it done for less, with them
finding the parts for you.

Still interested to know what the deal with the aftermarket
warranty is. I have a warranty from warrantybynet.com, and in
theory my turbo's are covered. They are supposed to be...


>Oh, I gotcha. Sorry.
>It's cool idea if you have to spend the money anyhow, but
most likely he'll:
>1. Need other stuff to make it work (ECU sw, fuel rail. etc)
and wind up
>spending WAY more
>2. No warranty on K04s....whereas Audi will give him
warranty of some sort
>on the new turbos they put in, even if the rest of the car
is out of
>You can buy a pair of used K03's on ebay or the boards for
around $600 for
>both, then plus labor at good independent shop, that's
>$1200......way less than what Audi is quoting even after the
50% discount

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