[BiturboS4] S-03 tire noise and vibration

Robert Cheng rcheng at mindspring.com
Sat Apr 19 11:43:30 EDT 2003


The S03's notoriously get noisy as they age.  I've had mine for about 15K
miles now (which happens to be the most I've gotten out of a set of tires so
far on the S) and over the last 5K or so I've noticed that the road noise
has gotten louder.  So far the noise is not nearly as bad as the S02-PP or
Sumitomo HTRZ-II's which came with the used SSR wheels I bought.

I haven't experienced any cupping with my S03's, but I imagine if you're
feeling vibration that you should get the tire balance checked.  This can
also contribute to cupping.  On my motorcycle I have to keep the tires
inflated to relatively high pressures to avoid cupping.  What pressure do
you run your S03's?  I generally keep mine between 38-40 psi, but that's
mostly because I want to minimize tire roll during aggressive driving.

Many places that mount & balance will offer lifetime balancing.  Maybe that
would be a good place to start.


> The noise does not seem to be getting any worse.  It is at
> its loudest at 50 mph.  You can feel the vibration in the
> dead pedal all of the time.
> I bought the tires at TireRack.  They were shipped to the
> store to put them on.  It is a reputable store.
> So here are my questions.
> 1.  Has anyone heard of this?  How might I fix it?
> 2.  Who should I go to for a resolution?  They are all going
> to point to another.

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