[BiturboS4] Clutch Slave Cylinder

Step88 step88 at kc.rr.com
Sat Apr 19 13:50:33 EDT 2003

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Hello all,

As a part of the process of replacing my brake fluid, I've spent the last h=
our trying to get to the clutch slave cylinder to bleed it, but I'm finding=
 it impossible to reach.  The best I can do is get a finger tip on the blee=
d nipple, but there is no way I could get a wrench on it.  I tried taking o=
ff the heat shield above the halfshaft which would hopefully give me more r=
oom, but getting to the top of three bolts on the heat shield is equally di=
fficult.  The local Audi dealership said that they would charge about $75 f=
or the flush, so I'm leaning towards letting them do it to avoid the aggrav=
ation.  I have to ask though, is there some trick to getting to the slave c=

Thanks in advance.

Bob Stephenson
2000 S4

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