[BiturboS4] S-03 tire noise and vibration

Robert Cheng rcheng at mindspring.com
Sat Apr 19 22:04:49 EDT 2003

> I guess I can deal with the noise but it seems weird that
> there is so much vibration also.  Are you guys getting the
> "cupping" also?  Run your hand over the outer edge of the

Mine cupped somewhat after using them for a trackday in the rain, but
they've been fine for aggressive street driving.

> Also, I was winding it out today and smelled a burn oil
> smell.  I figured that can't be good.

I've got that too.  My passenger side valve cover gasket is leaking and it
seeps onto the top of the turbo where it burns once you start driving.  Take
a flashlight and look at the back of the valve cover.  Seems many others
have had leaks too.  Unfoturnately mine is out of warranty so I'll be
replacing mine myself when I do my downpipe installation next week.


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