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Mon Apr 21 02:35:07 EDT 2003

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Oh, have a I mentioned that in retaliation for problems with my father's
lemon A8s, Audi voided my warranty on my S4 "because I race."  No, they
wouldn't put it in writing from AoA, but the dealership noted it.  I've never
raced my S4, but I AM an Audi Car Club of America instructor.  Never even a
dragstrip pass.

One of the items on my list at the dealer to be fixed was worn wiper blades.
Audi wouldn't even pay for those.

That's only some of my personal experience with Audi of America.  I love
driving the cars, but hate the company now.  I hear similar stories very
frequently from others.

Honestly I'd probably be trading in my S4 for an S6 about now, but instead
will be upgrading my truck and modifying my Corvette Z06.  Audi simply lost
what any other car company would consider a valuable customer, lost due to
it's illegal corporate practices of warranty denial.

Mark Rosenkrantz
AudiBiTurbo at aol.com

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