[BiturboS4] S4 Blown Turbos - Update - Audi's Preliminary Diagnosis

Ian McCloghrie ian at codrus.com
Mon Apr 21 00:14:16 EDT 2003

On Apr 20, 2003 "California Fields" wrote:
> JY, whether you have OEM clamps or twist-ties or whatever on the BPV hoses
> makes no difference. Don't let Audi make that as an excuse. As long as the
> hose is clamped down on the tube, no pressure is escaping.  Tell them you took
> out your BPVs once to inspect them...and you put them back with a different
> clamp. That's not illegal!

Using aftermarket hose clamps might not be, but lying to the dealer
about it is fraudulent, and possibly illegal.

Remember the discussion about the WRX owner in Seattle who blew his
engine and turbos with a chip, swapped it back to stock, took it to
the dealer for warranty repair and then bragged about it on a web
forum?  Everyone sneered at him for being an idiot, taking it to
multiple dealers when the first figured out what was going on, etc.

What you're suggesting starts to sound similar...


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