[BiturboS4] Re: sucky Bose

David Lau toomanycars at mac.com
Mon Apr 21 23:28:46 EDT 2003

Marc, Carter,

Okay, I set my eq to: 65482256

Remember, it's the Symphony radio in an avant with the sub in the back.
I've heard the Bose system uses different speakers. "your eq may

I have not changed my speakers; I'm sure someone has.


On Monday, April 21, 2003, at 02:26 AM, California Fields wrote:

> David, I'd love to hear about any way to modify the stock stereo
> settings if you have the info. Please let me know!
> Also, do you know of anyone that has upgraded their speaker components
> to better ones? I'm curious to see if that helps too.

On Saturday, April 19, 2003, at 10:39 PM, Marc A. Abernethy wrote:

> Thanks David,
> I have adjusted the EQ several times.  It does help.  I would like to
> know
> your settings.  You get in by turning off the car.  Hold the preset 5
> down
> and turn the stereo on.  It should come right up to the EQ.
> Although I don't record audio, I am a huge audiophile.  And Bose
> doesn't cut
> it.  My buddy has the Lexus with the Mark Levinson.  It is the best
> factory
> radio I have ever heard.  The BMW has Harmon.  Not to bad.  Oh well.  I
> don't think I am planning on keeping the car for much longer.  So no
> big
> changes.  Thanks for the help.
> Marc
> David Lau wrote:
>> With factory settings, you're right. I earn my living recording and
>> mixing audio, and I couldn't stand the "tub" either. The factory
>> settings boost the mid-lows to impress those who don't know real bass.
>> AudiWorld has instructions how to modify the factory eq settings, and
>> some suggestions. Front and rear can be adjusted separately, and it
>> helps a lot. I can share my settings if you remind me how to get at
>> them! Mine's an avant with the sub in the back.
>> DL
>> On Saturday, April 19, 2003, at 08:43 PM, Marc A. Abernethy wrote:
>>> While I am bitching.   Audi, listen up.  The Bose stereo sucks!!!!!
>>> Sorry, I had
>>> the windows down and stereo up today.  All I could hear was the
>>> sloppy
>>> base and
>>> rattling trunk.

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