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Matt twentyV matt_20v at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 22 09:22:42 EDT 2003

--- Ti Kan <ti at amb.org> wrote:
> On mine (S4 sedan with Symphony/Bose, stock
> speakers) I have it set
> to 33385249.  I have the
> bass/mid/treble/fader/balance controls set
> to middle for most source program material.  I think
> we have doing
> exactly the opposite thing...  you are directiing
> more bass to the
> fronts whereas I attenuate there.  My logic is this:
> the front door
> speakers don't go very low and are not optimized for
> deep bass, pumping
> more into them just makes them sound worse, boosting
> the mid bass without
> really augmenting the lower bass.  So I tame the
> bass down from the
> fronts quite a bit.  In the rear, I cut the mid bass
> to reduce the
> boom and tubbiness.  I also boost the highs
> significantly both front
> and rear because the stock response is seriously
> deficient there.

I forget my exact settings, but I am similar.  I like
to move the image forward with low- and mid-bass
attenuated, and try to get bass and midrange as flat
as possible from the rear ensemble.  The fronts do
not have very good high-end response and the rears
don't seem to do much at the low end except to get
the deck resonances excited.  Oh well.  I am spoiled
by having good MB-Quart speakers and a powered sub
in my coupe.  That sounds nice!  Someday I will
replace the speakers in the S4 and go to a separate
amp (line level outputs are documented in a tech
article on Audiworld).  But my automotive budget is
rather consumed with the coupe S2 transformation
right now.

Related question:  Does anyone know how to reprogram
the stereo to show play time for each CD track?  I
find the lack of this display rather annoying.  I have
a VAG-COM but can't find any documentation on AW
regarding this.

Matt Rooke

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