[BiturboS4] Re: sucky Bose

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Tue Apr 22 12:49:46 EDT 2003

David Lau writes:
> Yeah, I think you're right. I pretty much abandon the rear. I like a stereo
> image in front of me. Does yours have the sub? Mine crosses pretty well to
> the sub; I don't get distortion from the fronts struggling with bass...
> although the sub amp sounds limited (as in peak limiting) because you turn
> the bass up past a point, and it just gets fatter, not more. Spose they had
> to to prevent dummies from blowing the little thing.

No, the sedan does not have a separate subwoofer, however the rear shelf
speakers are larger and serves as such (if you could call it that, since
they have poor high frequency response anyway).

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