[BiturboS4] Important for those of you pissed at AUDI of America

MAJIKKAM at aol.com MAJIKKAM at aol.com
Wed Apr 23 21:29:24 EDT 2003

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Do you work for Audi or something?  You know they have a terrible track
record from the 80s.  And no wonder they offer that 5 year warranty.  Because
you need it.

You must have a perfect car.  I envy you.  The broad injustice is that I paid
$42,000 for a car that I should have bought from BMW.  Injustice is that I
was delivered a car at night with scratches, pitted wheels and not disclosed
to me that it had 320 miles on it before I signed the papers.

Also that the car was repainted on the left driver side implying that it
could have been in an accident. Is that enough or shall I show you my service

Please reply Mr. Audi Advocate

Desperately waiting your reply,

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