[BiturboS4] Important for those of you pissed at AUDI of America

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No I don't work for Audi. It's humorous that you think that someone taking a
balanced view of Audi's "responsibilities" must somehow be in cahoots

Sounds like your dealer has behaved very inappropriately. I don't see
anything below that justifies a class action suit against AOA.

By "broad injustice", I meant harm that Audi was doing to the general buying
public. [it appears that] you got screwed by your dealer. IMO you should be
taking them to court, not trying to drag AOA publicly through the mud. Your
suffering, unless shared by the masses, is no justification for a class
action suit. If you feel I'm wrong, then why don't you give us all some
specifics of the broad damage that is being done to the buying public.

Again IMO, it's obviously super important to closely inspect a car before
taking delivery. It sucks that the dealer pawned off a damaged car onto you.
I hope you're able to get restitution from the dealer, and hope you have
better luck next time. If you have proof (that your car was damaged &
repainted pre-delivery), I wouldn't stop until the dealer either buys back
your car or provides you with a new one. BMWs aren't perfect either, and
neither are their dealers.

The reason I responded in the first place is because I think people too
easily hide behind litigation - especially in the case of class action.

Good luck,



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Do you work for Audi or something?  You know they have a terrible track
record from the 80s.  And no wonder they offer that 5 year warranty.
Because you need it.

You must have a perfect car.  I envy you.  The broad injustice is that I
paid $42,000 for a car that I should have bought from BMW.  Injustice is
that I was delivered a car at night with scratches, pitted wheels and not
disclosed to me that it had 320 miles on it before I signed the papers.

Also that the car was repainted on the left driver side implying that it
could have been in an accident. Is that enough or shall I show you my
service record?

Please reply Mr. Audi Advocate

Desperately waiting your reply,

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