[BiturboS4] Important for those of you pissed at AUDI of America

adamschwartz at rcn.com adamschwartz at rcn.com
Wed Apr 23 22:27:47 EDT 2003

WOW, that really does sound horrible.. And I am not being
sarcastic. That certainly does sound like
grounds for a law suit, but against the dealer you got the
car from ... But not a class action suit against
AoA. If Audi was in the practice doing this regularly, then
sure.. Class action suit. But this really does
sound like an isolated event. I dont think you could make
much cause for a class action for their
crappy quality. Because it really isnt THAT bad. I have had
NO serious problems with my S4, and I
have about 70k miles. Any small issues were taken care of
with no issues. This has been one of the
most reliable cars I have had... More so than my 1994 Honda
Civic, which in the first 20k miles or
so, needed a new exhaust and alternator.. Then the radio
went.. And the exhaust went again at about
40k miles.

But now, I dont mean to criticize. How did you end up getting
a car with 320 mi on it and not know?
And how did you end up getting a car that you had only seen
at night? What about at delivery? Any
car I get I look over completely. As much as a bad wiper
blade would keep me from taking delivery.
Now, I know we are supposed to be able to trust the dealer.
But we need to learn to trust and always
keep an eye open at the same time. It sounds like you got
f*cked. And that s*cks. But it also sounds
like it was the dealer.. not Audi.

Have you tried to sue that dealer?

good luck,


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